Sunday, October 5, 2008


This week's recipe is brought about by some research I did on an item I just listed on my website. I had fun learning about "Rumtopf" and thought I would share the recipe here with my blog-readers. I found the recipe below at the My Recipes blog. Enjoy!

Rumtopf (Rom Pot)

Rumtopf, the German delicious fruit preserve. Traditionally part of German Christmas celebrations. The fruity liqueur can be drunk in glasses, and the fruit and liqueur are excellent over vanilla ice cream. It is traditional to begin with the first fruit of the summer season (typically strawberries).

However, fresh fruit and certain berries are available all year in supermarkets. Do not use blackberries or blueberries. They can be bitter and discolor the other fruits and berries. Watermelon can make the mixture watery. Rhubarb can make the mixture sour. Bananas are too mushy. Citrus fruits are too acidic. The fruit should be ripe, but not overripe. Look at it, look at the berries! Remove any damaged parts and pit or core it before measuring. Cut larger fruits into smaller chunks.

* 1 large jar with a lid
* 5 kg (5000 g) fresh fruits and berries
* 3 l (3000 ml) granulated sugar
* 75 cl (750 ml) rom

1. For instance, start with the strawberries, weigh them.
2. Cover with half as much sugar
3. Allow to sit for an hour.
4. Pour in enough rum to cover the fruit.
5. As space allows and as different fruits and berries come into season, add more fruits, berries, sugar and rum in the appropriate proportions, as described.
6. When ready, allow the entire mixture to sit for some days.
7. Then stir the fruit and berries gently.
8. Cover the jar with a clean film and a lid.
9. Store in a cool place away from heat and sunlight for at least 4 weeks (or 2-3 months).

If the fruit develops any mould - THROW IT OUT ! To prevent spoilage, you can keep the mixture acidic with lemon juice or ascorbic acid (vitamin C powder).

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