Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

I am honored to have been awarded the Honest Scrap award by two of my friends and fellow Make Mine Pinkers, Lynette from Misty Moonlight Creations, and Janet from Janet's Creative Pillows.To accept this award I must thank Lynette and Janet and link to their blogs (which I have done, just click their names!) and list 10 honest things about myself along with a copy of the honest scrap image, and also award 7 other bloggers with the links.
10 Honest Things About Me
1. I enjoy my own company....okay, I know that sounds conceited, but I do.....I have never had any trouble entertaining myself and I'd much rather spend time in my own company that with someone annoying.
2. I love my little dog Beau as much as if he were a little person.
3. I watch reruns of Will & Grace, and Frasier every night before I fall asleep.....I refer to the characters in these shows as "my friends". :)
4. I need to lose weight......a lot of it and fast!
5. I love seafood.....I can eat it twice a day, seven days a week and not get tired of it.....yum! (This may have something to do with #5.) :)
6. I love music from the 70s and 80s!
7. My favorite color is white, any shade of white......but especially creamy antique white.
8. I color my hair......and right now I really need to do it again!
9. Even though I live on a farm, I am a city girl at heart.
10. I am a shopaholic....I love bargain shopping and shopping thrift stores, fleamarkets, yard sales, discount stores.......you name it!
Now I am tagging:
Marie of Savon Marie blog
Francie of The Scented Cottage blog
Andrea of Faded Plains blog
Mo of Mo's Cottage blog
Silena of The Enchanted Valley blog
Happy blogging! :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day

Please take a moment to honor our armed forces, both past and present.
Wishing you a safe and happy Memorial Day!

Friday, May 22, 2009

News, News and More News!

Lots of new things are going on at Cozy Cottage Gifts and Decor!
Pink Friday at Cozy Cottage and Make Mine Pink ~ this week's theme is Cherished Memories. Be sure to stop by and see what the participating boutiques are offering this week!

Patchouli Rose Home Decor and Fashion has now become a part of Cozy Cottage Gifts and Decor and has its own category there. I will still offer the same beautiful boho/gypsy/hippie style home decor and clothing items, but I have hopes that merging the site with Cozy Cottage will bring more attention to Patchouli Rose as well as adding a whole new dimension to Cozy Cottage!

Etsy Boho ning now has chat! If you aren't a member of Etsy Boho and you love the boho/gypsy/hippie decor and lifestyle, please join us. It's easy to become a member and we would love to have you!

Summer swap event at Etsy Boho!!! I just set up our very first swap event on Etsy Boho. It is called Enchanted Summer and should be fun for everyone who signs up! This is just one more reason to join us at Etsy Boho ning.
Here are the swap details:
1. You must be a member of Etsy Boho to participate (it's easy to join!).
2. Registration will be open until June 15th. I will start a new thread on the discussion board on the Main page where you can sign up.
3. You will receive the name of your recipient by June 22nd.
4. All swap items must be mailed no later than July 15th.
5. Our theme is "Enchanted Summer" so all of you creative people take that idea and run with it. Feel free to get out of your comfort zone and try something new!
6. Item value should be between $20-$25.
7. Once you have received your swap gift please post a picture here on Etsy Boho so everyone can see what you received.
8. Have fun!!! :)

Have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pink Friday is "Beautiful Blues"

Blue is calming and serene. It's a coastal color, often used in bedrooms and rooms of relaxation. From delicate pastel to a deep, emboldened navy, adding blues to your d├ęcor can evoke a tranquil yet often vibrant mood. Beautiful blues surround us, and remind us we are home. Make your home a cozy retreat with beautiful items from Cozy Cottage Gifts and Decor!

Cozy Cottage offers free shipping on items in the Pink Friday category....this is the time to load your shopping cart at Cozy Cottage!

You may also enjoy the items in our Little Pink Boutique.