Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tag - 7 Weird Things About Me

This game of tag has been going around the blogs for awhile so since I've been told to tag myself several times here goes.....and you feel free to tag yourself too!

7. My 2nd toe is longer than the rest

6. I part my hair on the right side (most people part on the left).

5. I love those 50's pink flamingo yard decorations.

4. I have a certain way of stacking my dishes in the cabinets.

3. I drive 100 miles each way to work.

2. One of my ears is a tiny bit higher than the other.

1. I like vanilla much better than chocolate.

Friday, May 25, 2007

This slide show is a MUST SEE!

I just found this slideshow on my favorite online shopping mall, Make Mine Pink! One of the members, , had the grand opening of their real-life shop...isn't it beautiful!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


When I'm not busy preparing for or teaching college courses, I spend alot of my free time redecorating our home in the country. This past Fall I focused on our living room which was badly in need of an update and more seating for our growing family. After purchasing a new sofa and loveseat, followed by a new window treatment, it was clear that a new furniture arrangement was the next order of business.
Rearranging furniture in our home is no small feat......we are collectors and packrats. In order to move any piece of furniture it must first be unloaded. By this I mean, all of the pottery either inside of it or on top of it must be removed. Of course, once removed there was no better time to wash all of the pottery, so I had a major task on my hands in no time!
As I washed piece after piece of pottery, I realized once again how lovely each one is! We collect early 20th century American pottery such as McCoy, Hull, Haeger, and Weller. We seem to collect certain colors......the cabinet in the photo here shows some of our teal green pottery sandwiched between shelves of creamy white vases and McCoy Blossomtime. The lower part of the cabinet houses soft green McCoy Floraline vases and planters that are my special collection.
Yes, caring for all of this pottery can be quite a job, but it's a job I enjoy because the pottery is so lovely!
Check back soon for Part 2 in this segment.......another pottery collection.

Making a plan.....

Lately I've been snatching up all of the old chenille fabric, cotton lace tablecloths, and rose-printed fabric
I can find when I go to estate sales, auctions and consignment shops. I have a plan! All of this fabric will
be used to create something(s) new and shabby....yea!!!

It all began with me bringing in two or three pieces every few days that I would just leave on our usually
unused the dining room table "until later". Then one morning I stumbled into the kitchen for coffee and
lo and behold there was literally a mound of shabby fabrics covering the dining room table! Where did
it all come from??? Well, this didn't look very tidy so off it all went to the smaller guest bedroom....the
bed looked like a good place to stack it all.

That worked for about a week until company decided to come and visit.....there I was again, moving
and refolding all of that fabric. Hmmm....this was getting to be not so much fun. Off I went to the
local WalMart store where I bought two sets of clear storage drawers which work great to hold all
of my fabrics, trims and other miscellaneous items that will one day (soon I hope!) become beautiful
shabby quilts, pillows, and other creations made especially for my Cozy Cottage customers!

Check back soon for my next segment.......Putting my plan into action.....and see
what I'm creating with my stash of shabby fabrics!