Saturday, February 2, 2008

I've been tagged again......

I did this several months ago but I was just tagged again by Francie at The Scented Cottage and Georgia at Grandma G's so I'll bump my original post up and choose seven lucky people to tag. I'm supposed to tell seven things about me that you don't already know and then tag seven other people. Hmmmm...well, here are seven pieces of trivia about me!

1. I have 12 grandchildren ranging in age from 8 months to 16 years!
2. I have worn several hats in my life.....I worked for the local newspaper when I was in high school, was a secretary for Getty Oil Company, worked as a medical transcriptionist for 20+ years, have been a teacher for 12 years, and own an online boutique.
3. I live on a farm in Arkansas where we raise cattle and donkeys.
4. I am a night-owl...I can stay up all night working on whatever my current project is, but don't do this very often because I usually have to get up for work the next day.
5. I believe in God, but I also believe in reincarnation.....I think God will keep sending me back here until I get it right!
6. Some of my best friends are online friends.
7. In my next life I would love for interior decorating and design to be my fulltime job!

So, now it is my turn to tag seven people.....I choose:

Roxie of Jorabeel's,
Sharon of C'est Chouette,
Cathy of Treasured Heirlooms,
Sita of Silverspoon Scraps,
Lori of Katie's Rose Cottage,
Susie of The Polka Dot Rose, and
Carol of Clutterbug Studio .

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