Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Vacationing in New England

This summer I was lucky enough to be invited to spend a week with a dear eBay friend who lives in New Hampshire and whose family has a summer camp in Maine. I spent the week of July 15-22 with Sue and her family at their camp enjoying the beautiful New England scenery and weather. The photographs in my slideshow below tell it all!

Sue and I were joined by two couples who are also friends of ours from eBay. We have all been chatting almost daily for over five years and it was such a treat to finally get to meet everyone in person! The weather was so nice...we had a few rainy days, but I think I wore a light jacket every day I was there.

In some of my photos you will see some of the U.S. troops who were returning home from the Ukraine. Their plane stopped to refuel at Pease Airport in New Hampshire and the troops were met there by a local group called the Pease Greeters. The Pease Greeters welcoming committee was formed as a way to welcome and honor our troops both coming home from and on their way to serve in the war against Iraq. I was honored to be able to accompany Sue and her mother on this trip to welcome our troops back home to the U.S.A. To read more about the Pease Greeters, go to this website: http://www.seacoastonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070612/OPINION/706120434/-1/rss04

Many of my photos were taken at a private beach on the coast of Maine called Parson's Cove. Since it isn't known to most tourists I was lucky to have a "local" to take me there. It was so beautiful and quiet! Sue taught me to hum to snails....I had no idea if you hummed to a snail he would poke his little head out of the shell. Every time Sue hummed, out he came, but every time I hummed, back inside he went again! Guess he didn't like my Southern accent!!!

My photos also show my dinner date, Fred the Lobster.....he was scrumptious! I did feel a little bad when Sue plunged him headfirst into his hot tub, but before long he was nice and red and tasty. Maine lobster REALLY is wicked good!

I hadn't flown in about 15 years, but my flights both going to Sue's and coming back home were very nice and relaxing. I had reserved window seats so I got a good view of the New York skyline on my trip down.....saw the Empire State Building among other things. Coming back I was able to see the Boston Harbor area which was beautiful too. It was such a peaceful feeling flying along the coast!

Now I'm back home in Arkansas and while there's really no place like home, I think I could be easily convinced to trade a week of hot, humid Arkansas weather for another week with friends in the New England area!

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Nancy said...

I loved your slide show of Maine! We're just in the beginning stages of thinking about a trip there next summer. Thanks!