Monday, June 4, 2007

Putting my plan into action.....

Okay, faithful readers, I promised you a peek at what was next on my list of creative endeavors with all of that fabric.....and here it is!

I'm making my first ever ragged quilt. If you've never seen or made one, they are pretty take a backing fabric, polyester fiberfill, and coordinating fabric for the top of the quilt. Then you cut same-size squares of each, sandwich the fiberfill between the two fabrics and sew a big "X" across the three layers to hold everything in place. Once all of the squares are finished you start sewing them together in strips with the seam on what will be the outside top of the quilt. Once all the squares are sewn together you pop it in the washer for one or two cycles and then into the dryer and this "rags" out the edges of the seams.....pretty cool!

Well, I decided to do a variation on this theme....the backing for my ragged quilt will be the fabric with the green stripes and pink print you see in the photo. Instead of fiberfill, I am using a solid cream color flannel fabric so the quilt will be flatter and not so puffy. Then my topping fabric is the big surprise. I took some of my vintage cotton lace tablecloths and cut them into squares and they will make the top of the quilt.....doesn't that sound pretty?

So here is where I am with the quilt right now......the squares are all cut and ready to be assembled into layers with the "X" sewn across them......and THAT is tomorrow's project!

Stay tuned for the next segment of "Putting my plan into action".......and I'll post photos as I go through the stages of making this ragged lap quilt which, by the way, will be a featured item on my website once it is completed.

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