Saturday, June 9, 2007

Cottage Renovation

Hi there! I was just thinking tonight that my readers might enjoy reading about how I renovated my cozy little cottage. Just click here and scroll down a bit and you can read the whole story.
You may notice there are no pictures of the powder room.....ummmm, that' s because it is in a stage of deconstruction....yikes! I started removing the icky green plastic wall tiles and also removed a large part of the now I've got to enlist my dear, dear husband's help with this project. He tells me I'm on the list....I just need to find a way to move my little powder room project up to the TOP of his list!
The powder room is tiny by today's standards, but remember this is the original bathroom built in the 1930s. It is exactly wide enough to hold a cast iron clawfoot tub (big smile!), the ceiling is 9 feet tall so that gave me plenty of room to hang the romantic pendulum fixture with prisms (okay, so dear, dear husband did that project too!), and has a nice window above the tub. Those are the positives......the negative is that I can't move the tub out of the room to replace the floor covering so that is going to be an adventure all of its own!
When we get started on the powder room renovation I'll show before pics, and pics along the way and finally some pics of the completed project. It is all in my head right now just waiting for dear, dear husband to say "Okay, let's work on the powder room today." I can't wait to get started!

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~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

Good morning Debbie!
I love your Cozy Cottage! What great transformations you've made ~ Your Kitchen is So CUTE with the floral Curtain - I love that idea! And I've been looking for new ideas for my bedrooms windows other than just lace valances - I love the way yours are tied in the middle - I may have to try that ~ it looks very pretty & romantic!
Have a beautiful day!