Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's Pink Friday again!

~ Pink Friday ~
"Nifty Nurseries"

Please visit Cozy Cottage Gifts and Decor as we join other participating boutiques at Make Mine Pink for Pink Friday this week!

Pink Friday is your exclusive invitation to “ shopping with a twist.” Each week, the Boutiques at Make Mine Pink will feature a well coordinated shopping experience with a theme - an all new approach to Internet shopping. Join us for “Nifty Nurseries” on Friday, August 1st. Browse the participating boutiques and find that special something just your decor!

Make Mine Pink is the most fabulous one-stop shopping you will find on the Internet, all in a friendly, customer orientated atmosphere. Shop from the comfort of your of all~ no gasoline needed.

Boutique participation is only open to Make Mine Pink boutique members. This will assure that your shopping experience will be the very best from quality shopping to superior customer service.

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Janet Bernasconi said...

Hi Debbie!

Just wanted to stop by and say hello. Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog. You should be in the spotlight soon! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Too bad I am not going to make it to the retreat. I would love to meet all of the pinkettes.
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